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fuck you, tumblr!


Haven’t been here for a while! Now I’m back just for a minute, cuz I’m goin’ to school trip in 2 days. I love you guys, even if there aren’t a lot of you here. And tumblr has just made me angry, cuz I’m like, HOW LONG CAN I WAIT TO POST A PHOTO?! awrrr

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SNEAK PEAK of tomorrow bellydance show! 
WISH ME LUCK, cuz I’m so scared that I’d make a mistake and we’d lose because of me. Awww, how do YOU get with stress?

SNEAK PEAK of tomorrow bellydance show! 

WISH ME LUCK, cuz I’m so scared that I’d make a mistake and we’d lose because of me. Awww, how do YOU get with stress?


This week is gonna be busy. 2 contest tomorrow, wish me luck. Also, tommorow I’m gonna be at home back at least at 9 pm. So yea. Hope that I’ll stay alive.

I added a disquis, not sure what that is, but if you can comment down below, just do it to let me know that everything’s working good.

That was random and quick. Now it’s time to do some work [if I don’t see any youtube videos first] and learn something about German language, physics, HIV, AIDS and other STD.

yup, lovely sunny sunday.

Black Saturday.

source: tvn24.pl

Today is a Black Day in Polish history.

I was going to my dance classes in the morning of Polish time. When I was going out of the car I heard on the radio what has happened. All we talked about while dancing was the tragedy. It was about an hour later. We couldn’t believe.

When I got back home, I turned on the tv. All the tv programmes were [and so they are now] only about Smoleńsk [place, where it all happened], near Katyń. All the news were devastating to me. Strange feelings, like sadness, confusing and fear. I’ve never met those people in person. But I saw them on tv almost every day. 

Now we have no president. We have no army leaders. We lost a lot of intelligent, smart people, who died in plane crush. I don’t know, how things are going to be like next.

I had my plans for the weekend. I had my plans for the next week. I was supposted to go to Gaba Kulka show, Guido mine and biology university classes. Now it’s all gone. But it doesn’t matter. I’m not that selfish. National mourning is the most important thing now.

Please, keep Poland in your prayers.

First real post!

I created tumblr, cuz I truely hate myspace. I mean, who use this anymore? Well, I don’t. Never liked it. And I need something to write on, using more than 140 words. 

You’ll get to know me better in every post. I just try to be honest, but I feel like I was lying to myself when I don’t use “bad words”. So the title of the tumblr supposted to be Jude Violet talkin’ about random shit…

Oh well.

PS. Could anyone make me a cool background? This one reminds me of kinda creepy carpet.


I think it’s kinda creepy that my first tumblr post is rebloggin to Shane Dawson. Oh well. So here I am - Jude Violet. Trying to be anonymous almost-youtuber, big twitter whore and crazy dailyboother. “Hiding” comedian. Doing videos for myself. I don’t like talking about myself in 3rd person, so I won’t. 

So, please Shane, if you read this - just do something. Reply me in twitter, comment if it’s possible [but I think it’s not] or I don’t know. I try to “catch a contact” with you for over a year and haven’t been successful yet. Yea, I’m so pathetic.

So remember about a girl who spent 50$ to send you a package from Poland, which I don’t even know if came to you.